Take Action & Protect Yourself!

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If you have a similar experience to one of the cases described in this handbook, here are some of the steps you can take:

• Write down everything that happened

o What happened? (e.g. got a phone call from Crime Intelligence; attended a meeting where SSA was present)
o When did it happen? (Time, Date)
o Where did it happen? (Location)
o Names and phone numbers provided (Get the full name and rank of the person. If it was a phone call, save the number)

• If possible, record interactions with officials on your phone
• If you have harassed or targeted by a member of the intelligence structures, you may have grounds to make a complaint to the Inspector General of Intelligence. Visit www.oigi.gov.za or call 012 367 0789/0877.

Need assistance or advice?

• Contact support@r2k.org.za or call 0214471000 (unsecured line)

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