Numsa in Port Elizabeth

Budget march at Parliament, February 2015

Numsa members in P.E. encounter a mysterious ‘researcher’

Another suspicious encounter was reported in Port Elizabeth: A Numsa member who is active in the local United Front structure was approached by a person who identified himself as a researcher at UKZN, who was interested in finding out more about the United Front.

According to the Numsa member: “He told me his research wanted to know the state of Numsa on the ground. Are there any activities? Are there any meetings? Are there any gatherings, any programmes? And most importantly, he wanted the names of the leaders.”


The researcher offered him a stipend to help get this information.

After getting some documentation on Numsa’s activities, and interviewing several Numsa members and UF affiliates, the ‘researcher’ disappeared.

The number he gave for himself, and the UKZN email address he gave for his supervisor, were both disconnected. We could find no evidence of a student or researcher at UKZN with his name and the UKZN human resources department did not have any record of a staff member matching the name he gave for his supervisor.

Numsa members interviewed for this report are adament that this ‘researcher’ was sent by an intelligence structure or by the ANC to gather information on their activities.


• If the intelligence structures are interested in the activities of the United Front, is this a sign that these structures are serving the interests of the ANC?
• If these actually are intelligence activities, are they legal? The Constitution forbids South Africa’s security services to “prejudice a political party interest” or “further, in a partisan manner, any interest of a political party”.

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