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Concerned about your digital privacy? See our short guide here. If you have a similar experience to one of the cases described in this handbook, here are some of the steps you can take: • Write down everything that happened …..

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Makause stories

How community leaders in Makause learned their activities were being monitored General” Alfred Moyo is the organiser of Macodefo, a civic organisation in the Makause informal settlement in Primrose, Germiston. Macodefo (short for ‘Makause Community Development Forum’) formed in 2007 …..

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Vanessa’s story

How Crime Intelligence’s interest in one activist revealed paranoia Vanessa Burger was chairperson of the Umbilo Action Group, a small community organisation in Umbilo, South Durban, whose main activities focused on substance abuse and police accountability. (UAG closed in May …..

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Stories from COP17

How intelligence agents monitored activists at the 2011 climate talks In 2011, as the COP17 climate talks were set to take place in Durban and thousands of people planned to take to the streets in protest, several environmental groups and …..

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Abahlali’s stories

How intelligence officials have harassed Abalali baseMjondolo Abahlali baseMjondolo (ABM), a movement of shackdwellers based around Durban, has experienced intense repression throughout its existence. This has included police harassment and brutality, veiled public threats by elected officials, anonymous death threats, …..

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Thembelihle’s stories

How intelligence officials have tried to recruit community activists in Thembelihle Bhayiza Miya is a leader of the Thembelihle Crisis Committee (TCC), a community organisation in Thembelihle informal settlement in south Johannesburg. Bhayiza is known for being the person that …..

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Miriam’s story

How “intelligence officials” spooked an anti-crime activist ‘Miriam’ is an active member of R2K who is also very involved in anti-crime efforts in her community, where violent crime has drawn the attention of the authorities. In January 2015, men apparently …..

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United Front budget day march

United Front activist gets mysterious questions from a long-lost ‘comrade’ ‘Simon’ is active both in R2K and the interim structures of the United Front, and was helping to prepare for the United Front’s big protest on Budget Day. Two days …..

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Numsa in Port Elizabeth

Numsa members in P.E. encounter a mysterious ‘researcher’ Another suspicious encounter was reported in Port Elizabeth: A Numsa member who is active in the local United Front structure was approached by a person who identified himself as a researcher at …..

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United Front in Ekurhuleni

How the SSA harassed United Front activists in Ekurhuleni Mxolisi Ndimande is coordinator of a civic structure called the Political Discussion Forum in the township of Katlehong, and is provincial secretary of the United Front in Gauteng. In November 2014, …..

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